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In our classrooms, we're constantly encouraging collaboration between our students.  We want them to work together, to learn from each other, and to build on their connections with one another.  Collaboration is an essential learning tool.  

Fortunately, I'm learning all about the value of collaboration in my professional TpT world as well.  This winter my friend, Literary Sherri, and I decided to spur up some connections with other TpT sellers in Western New York.  We sent messages to each Western New York teacher we could find based on their profiles and organized a first meeting.  Our first meeting was at the library and included 8 sellers.  We couldn't believe people actually showed up! 

These days our group continues to grow and we meet ever six weeks.  We even switched up our meeting location.  Last weekend we met in this one-room schoolhouse.  Pretty fitting for a bunch of teachers, no?

It's the cutest space.  Lots of tables and even a chalkboard!

If you're thinking about organizing your own local TpTers meetings, it's super simple.  We have name tags for each seller.

Each meeting generally starts with an ice breaker.  For this one, sellers each select a question and share out their response with the rest of the group.

There's usually water and some chocolates at each meeting, too.  What's a meeting without chocolate?

Here's a picture of us at the meeting...just kidding.  This picture reminds me of what TpT is all about, though...the students!

The best part about our meetings is the true collaboration between each of the sellers.  I've learned so much from them.  In fact, last weekend our focus was on PowerPoint.  I took away so many tips and tidbits that I've been able to apply to my newest product.  

So fun!


  1. So fun is right! I've thoroughly enjoyed every meet-up . . . from gaining lots of new tips and strategies to meeting new colleagues and knowing that friendships are going to blossom as a result -- these are meetings I actually look forward to! Can't wait 'til our July meet-up, when TpT conference-goers are going to share out what they learned so we can all benefit from the conference workshops!

  2. I think I'll link this post to our CO FB pg. We've met a couple of times, but need to do it more because we have so much fun! I even know of a 1-room school house, but I think it's closed to the public.
    Pam =)
    Desktop Learning Adventures


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