Lesson Extenders to Save the Day (or lesson)

If you’re like me, sometimes the timing of a lesson goes completely wrong. 

There have been moments in my classroom where a lesson went really well…and then…it ended early.  There have been times in my classroom when a lesson went completely wrong…and NEEDED to end early.  There have even been fire drills, assemblies, or periods of time after state assessments, when the classroom had “down time” – otherwise known as “let’s-act-crazy-time” in the mind of a middle schooler.  Sometimes the unplanned-for-minutes can be filled with homework or reading an independent novel, but more often than not, I found myself playing an educational game with my students. 

Recently, I compiled some of my students’ favorite games into a single resource.  I call it my ‘Fun in Five’ pack and it’s perfect for pulling out and occupying students’ minds when a lesson ends early and soaking up every instructional minute with students.

You can find it here.

They work great in my middle school classroom because they’re all simple.


They don’t require any prep.


They cross multiple disciplines.


Some even encourage team work and cooperation.

Oh, and the best part is that they’re FREE for you! 

If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can even compile them all together into a set of lesson extenders.  I just copied the activities on colored paper and then glued each activity onto a piece of colorful scrapbook paper.

school games, learning game, classroom fun, lesson extensions

Then, I put them through a laminator.

classroom fun, learning games

 Finally, I punched a hole in each corner and used a clasp to hold them all together.

lesson extenders, fun in five, classrom games, educational games
They’re perfect to hang on my white board and I’ve even left them behind for a substitute.  Oh, and if your observation lesson ends a little early, you can always use one of these lesson extenders and show off how prepared and smart you are J. 


I hope you find them as useful as I have.  There is one warning though, the Paper Airplane Challenge lesson extender is a huge hit!  Be prepared to get a lot of requests for that one!

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