Thanks & Giving eBooks

Literary Sherri and I have been busy compiling TWO eBooks designed especially for Middle School ELA teachers.  With the help of 50 other teacher-authors, we've created two Thanks & Giving eBooks.  Each book is filled with 52 'Thanks' pages and 52 'Giving' pages!

The 'Thanks' pages are all about gratitude.  Each teacher-author designed a 'Thanks' page and filled it with information about what they're most thankful for...everything from a life moment, to a favorite Young Adult book, to a teaching strategy.  The 'Thanks' pages celebrate gratitude and the teaching profession.  Plus, they're a fantastic way to learn more about teacher-authors you already love and meet new teacher-authors to fall for.

Each teacher-author also contributed a 'Giving' page to the two eBooks.  The 'Giving' pages are print-and-teach resources that can be used in your classroom tomorrow.  You're going to LOVE the resources that are in the eBooks!  Each 'Giving' page is designed to be print-and-teach.  So, you'll be able to use the free printables in your classroom tomorrow.  Pretty great!

Ready to check them out?  Just click on the covers below!

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