St. Patrick's Day Activity - Making a Limerick Mobile

I love celebrating holidays in the classroom, especially St. Patrick's Day.  However, I don't love losing critical instructional time.  That's why I've found that a lesson about writing limericks that taps into the writing process, rhyme scheme, and syllables is a great way to embrace the holiday without giving up a chance for students to learn.  

However, this year I realized that I could take the limerick writing lesson that is a hit with students to a whole new level....and all I needed was a FREEBIE from Art with Jenny K.  Have you seen this awesome shamrock coloring sheet?  Well, the coloring sheet makes an incredible anticipatory set (and it's going to transform into a limerick display...keep reading or check out this quick video...)

So, my plan is to start the lesson about limericks with students coloring in the shamrock.  While they're hard at work making their pop art shamrocks, I'm going to share some example limericks and give students a little history about the how it is often believed that the limerick was invented in the 1700's by soldiers returning from France to the Irish town of Limerick (don't worry, these facts are already researched for you and included in the Writing Limericks freebie).

Once students are done with their coloring pages, I'll hand out the step-by-step limerick writing guide (this is FREE too).  Students will progress through six steps as they develop their limericks.

After students are finished with their limericks, they'll write them on a final copy template (fancy name for a square shape) and then cut them out (along with their pop art shamrocks).

Then, they'll glue the limerick to the back of their shamrocks, punch a hole at the top, add a string...and tada!  They'll have created festive and educational limerick mobiles!

Just imagine how cute they'll all be hanging along a classroom clothesline or dangling from the ceiling!  

Here's the coolest part, both of the resources that you'll need to complete this interactive and educational lesson are absolutely FREE!  Find the Limerick Writing Lesson HERE and the Pop Art Shamrock Coloring Page HERE.

Wishing you and your students a Happy St. Patrick's Day,

Mary Beth

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