Creative Writing in the Classroom

Have you noticed a shift away from incorporating creative writing into the ELA classroom?  I sure have...and I'm super sad about it! That's why I still try to infuse a little creative writing into my plans each week.  

I've compiled my ten favorite creative writing lessons into this resource...

It's jam-packed with lessons that get my students excited about writing...and since that's why I became a teacher in the first help students realize how fun learning can be...these lessons are classics in my classroom.

One of the lessons that students go nuts over is the Paper Disputes activity.  Ordinarily, I spend most days with middle schoolers telling them not to fight, so you can imagine their surprise when I bring out this creative writing assignment...Paper Disputes. 

In this writing activity students work with partners to create the most amazing dialogue fight ever.  My kids go nuts thinking up creative situations for the fight like a beautician and her client or two garbage men.  They always get so into writing the dialogue that we end up having performances, too.  

Available at my TpT Store

The best part?  By the end of this activity they've practiced writing realistic dialogue with correct punctuation and structure.  They're usually having so much fun, I hate to ruin it for them and remind them that they're learning too!

Available at my TpT store!

If you're ready to get your students fighting, be sure to stop by our Teachers Pay Teachers Store and download this lesson!  Or, find this lesson and 9 others HERE.

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