Speech Unit - Common Core Bonanza!

I'm always on the lookout for a unit that meets as many possible CCSS as possible...and when I can't find one, I get busy making one.  

middle school common core unit, speech unit, nonfiction analysis
Speech Unit

In this Speech Unit, students first analyze historic speeches while developing an understanding of the genre.  

Speech Analysis Worksheet
(Sample Speech Analysis Worksheet)

Then, they conduct a mini-research project on Presidents of the 20th century and write a speech on their research.

Speech Unit
Speech Pre-write

Finally, they put their public speaking skills to the test while they deliver their persuasive speeches, while their classmates actively listen and record their learnings.

In just ten days, students have the opportunity to read, write, listen, and speak - tapping into a plethora of CCSS.  

Take that Common Core!

(This product is available here.)

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