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There’s something about an infographic that makes my heart sing. Maybe it’s the little icons sprinkled across the page.  Or the graphs with pictures?  Could it be the bold colors and unique typography? It's probably all of that and the fact that an infographic is a super fast way to present complex information.  It’s like taking a vitamin instead of eating the entire salad.

My love of all things infographics got me thinking that it would be fun for students to create one of their own.  But, since creating an infographic can be kind of time-consuming, I figured I could make a template that students could populate with information.  The problem was, I wasn't quite sure what information students should present with their infographics. And then it occurred to could create an infographic about their year.  Kind of like a ‘Year in Review’.  So, that led me to create this new freebie:

First, students complete a reflection about their lives.

Then, they fill in their infographic with information from their reflection.

The end result is a classroom full of personalized infographics.  
For an infographic-lover like me, what’s better than that?

If you’re interested in this fun and FREE resource, just click here:


  1. I love this, Mary Beth! Such a great idea!

  2. Thanks! This activity is perfect on the day before break or at the start of a new year. It's a hit!


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