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No favorite birthday present as a child was a yellow filing cabinet.  Yes, it's true, my love of office supplies and organization runs deep.  That's why it shouldn't be surprising at all that I adore using file folders in the classroom with students.  Whether in response to a short story or an entire novel, they're a motivating and engaging way for students to demonstrate their learning.  

One of my favorites is this file folder book project!

 It's ideal for a summer reading project or as a book report any time of the year.

With just one file folder, students demonstrate their understanding of a novel.  While the outside is a creative expression of the cover, the inside is filled with a plot diagram, character analysis, setting profile, and personal reflection.  The back cover includes a listing of other books by the same author.

The completed file folders are super fun to display and even more awesome stored in what else...a filing cabinet next to the classroom library.  When students are looking for a book to read during our independent reading program, often they'll check out these file folders first for book previews and reviews.

I've also developed a file folder resource for the short story "Thank You M'am" by Langston Hughes

This unit is super engaging because it combines all the elements of literature instruction with the added twist of interactive shapes stored inside a file folder.

As students read the story, they create interactive shapes.

The end result is a file folder of learning.  

Learning and file folder in one sentence....what could be better?

If you'd like to learn more about these file folder resources, check out this File Folder Book Project or the Interactive File Folder "Thank You M'am" Unit.

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