True Confessions of a TpT Teacher-Author - Erin Beers

I have a feeling you're going to love learning about Erin Beers...the latest "True Confessions" victim subject.  She's creative, funny, humble, and a fellow TpT teacher-author that I truly admire!  Take if from me, if you're not already nuts about her, then you'll want to learn more about...

Keep reading to learn even more about Erin...

I started my TpT store...
because I wanted to put finishing touches on the resources that I created for my students.  The first TpT product that I purchased was the Hunger Games Novel Unit that Tracee Orman created.  Her unit was so thorough and just what I wanted to maximize student understanding of the novel, that I thought I might be able to take some of the resources I created for my students and help them benefit teachers in other classrooms.

I already had my blog in place and I wanted teachers that read my blog to be able to find any resources easily.  My husband laughs about it and says that I have the longest name in blogging and TpT store history, but it has stuck with me.

My store is filled with...
all things English Language Arts -- novel units, reader's theater scripts and toolkits, and writing resources.  I love to find the perfect novels for my upper elementary learners.  So many of the novels I have read with students have turned into novel units to support those novels.  I have also loved writing reader's theater scripts that turn some of the crazy events of my teaching life into realistic fiction stories.

My favorite part about creating resources is...
seeing their effectiveness in the classroom.  I know that they work with my students, but seeing someone else blog about them or give feedback is an exciting feeling.

In terms of TpT, who knew it could be such an amazing platform to connect teachers from all over the world?!

Where in the world do you live now?  Have you ever lived anywhere else?  If so, where?
I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, but have lived in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Missouri.  My mom works for Marriott, so we moved a great deal with her job when I was growing up.

After someone meets you, what do you hope they say about you once you leave the room?
"She certainly loves her family and students."

If you had a day completely free of obligations, what would you do?
I love to run, play in the park with my kids, and hang out in the front yard with neighbors having a few drinks while watching our kids run around the yard.

Describe the worst haircut or outfit of your life.
I have never been the seasonal turtleneck or alphabet sweater-type, but I wore some pretty ridiculous corduroy jumpers my first years of teaching.

If you had to enter a talent contest, what talent would you showcase?
I think I could beat anyone, hands down, in a competition that consists of completing the most tasks in one day.  I have a hard time sitting down and am always busy tackling something.

Name two things on your bucket list.
1. Travel to Europe.
2.  Go to Atlantis.  (My kids are very hopeful to go there, thanks to the nonstop commercials on Nickelodeon.)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I have my Masters in Administration, so I have dreamed of being a principal, but I have also thought about going to culinary school after I retire from teaching and becoming a chef.  Guess it's a toss-up!

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OK, that's all of Erin's confessions for today.  She's pretty great, right?  Now, go check out all her amazing work on TpT!

P.S.  If you're a TpT teacher-author and you're ready to share your true confessions email me at

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