Birds of a Feather Really Do Flock Together - Part 2

I'm back with more details about the Northeastern Regional Meet-Up that our WNY TpT Team hosted in Binghamton at the beginning of May.  (If you'd like to check out the first post about the big day...just click here.)


The regional meet-up started months in advance.  Our team each took on tasks to try to create the very best possible day for everyone attending the meet-up.  As you can imagine there were tons of meetings, phone calls, emails, trips to Michael's and Target and coordination...but it was all worth it!

The night before our meet-up, we had the chance to meet some fellow TpT-ers for some dinner and drinks.  That's when it all started feeling super real..."Like, oh man, they're really here...we better not blow this!"

That's Susan, Connie, Jen, Lori, Sherri, Amy, Selma, Shelly, Me, Stefany, and Anne


The day of the event started nice and early to give us lots of time for set up.  I couldn't wait to get all the decor set up in the room!


And then, the most wonderful thing happened...everyone started arriving!  

There were lots of introductions and handshakes and hugs and geeking-out over TpT.  So fun!  When, people arrived they got their name tags (made by Karry at Yay for PreK)...

then, they picked up their goodie bags,

dropped off their Teacher Tool Exchange Item (a $10 or less teacher tool that they would be gifting to another teacher in exchange for a new tool),

got their smile on at the photo booth,

photobooth, homemade photo booth, photo booth ideas, photo booth props, event photo booth

photo booth props, photo booth idea, handmade photo booth

Birds of a Feather wooden signs made and donated by Our Hobby to Your Home

participated in People Bingo and then settled into their seats.

Before we knew it, it was time to get the day started.  Our team did a little introduction

and then, Jen Jones from Hello Literacy gave a fantastic, information-packed presentation to the group. It was awesome!

We broke up the day with giveaway name drawings...during transitions 6 people had the chance to go and pick a prize from the giveaway tables.  (That may have been the worst part of the day...choosing just one set of prizes!)

Magna Memos dry erase board and pillow from Joelle's Corner

Before lunch, we started 2 of the 6 facilitated discussion groups.  Meet-up attendees rotated to 6 stations about collaboration, success tips and tricks, file management, technology, social media, and idea sparks.  A HUGE thanks to Anne from Common Core Connection, Melissa Machan, Shelly Rees, and Jen from Hello Literacy for helping our planning team to facilitate the discussions!

I had the fantastic opportunity to work with Melissa Machan.  We facilitated a group on TpT Success Tips and Tricks and while we didn't get to facilitate a group at the same time, it was so much fun planning our group together.  She's super fun and kind and creative.

(Here she is leaving with all her swag...that's her "It's all so heavy!" pose.)

At lunch time, we took a group picture...

and each of us selected a Teacher Tool from the Teacher Tool Exchange table.  I was lucky enough to pick a gift from Connie of Magnifying Math.  Check it out!

(She had me at permanent markers...and the magnetic tape...amazing!)

During the afternoon, we also planned a product review.  Everyone brought a product that is selling well and one they'd like feedback on.  Then, in their groups, they passed around the products, commented on the elements of a high-quality resource, and then brainstormed a list of what makes a great product to share out with the entire group.  

The day flew by...and before long it was time to grab a few more pictures with each other and say good bye.


I was bummed when it was all over...there was such wonderful energy and inspiring people in that room in Binghamton!  I know that for me, I spend a lot of time trying to share how much I love Teachers Pay Teachers with the people in my daily life...and most of them politely listen...but, to be surrounded by people who truly "get it" and to genuinely learn from each was amazing!  It also sparked a real product-creation fire.  I got home and started creating these new resources...
This or That - Daily ELA Warm-Ups

Oh, and now I'm becoming slightly obsessed with the people I met at the meet-up.  I scan the homepage for their pictures.  I can't wait to open the TpT newsletter to see if they're in it.  I look for their logos and words in the forum.  It's super fun to feel so connected to them all!

For more details about the event, you can check out this post or this one too.

Special thanks to Jen Jones for traveling in for the event and Amy from TpT for supporting the event.  Thanks also to Teachers Pay Teachers for providing a yummy breakfast and swag for the event.  Also, thanks Donna at Worth a Thousand Words for taking and sharing photos from the event.  Oh, and I'm nuts about what I won in the giveaway.  Thanks Said in Layers (note cards), The Scarlet Thread (seat sack), The Class Clown (pencil holder), and JDoore Creations (school garland)!

And...a few more thanks for all the companies and artists that donated to the event.  I had the pleasure of working with these kind and generous people and businesses...

Classroom Friendly Supplies - the BEST pencil sharpeners ever! Paper Sushi - Custom rubber stamps, wedding designs, packaging
Love Small Town USA - Personalized wedding gifts, jewelry holders, key hooks
MagnaMemos - Magnetic dry erase memo boards with magnets
Watch My Dive - Quilts, blankies, blankets, and fabric baskets
Gifts by Gaby - Personalized gifts and home decor
Jo-Elle Coastal Crafters - Candles, pillows, and decor
Said in Layers - Notecards
Our Hobby to Your Home - Wedding and family signs
Queen Bee Inspirations - Greeting cards, wedding and party signs and props
JDoore Creations - Handmade cards and paper goods
Betty Lou Designs - Fabric headbands

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Amazing pictures! Y'all are so cute!

  2. Reminiscing about this amazing meet-up while reading your post and seeing your photos made me realize all over again just how powerful -- and FUN -- it is when a bunch of teacher-authors get together! Amazing things happen as a result . . . such as your terrific new resources! Heading to your TpT shop right now to check them out!

    Literary Sherri


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