Secondary Smorgasbord...Summer or Bust

I'm linking up with the Secondary Smorgasbord crew to shed a little light on what my family and I like to do once school officially ends.  

Here are my two boys headed off to the last day of school last year.

I know that for me, summer is all about taking time to relax and refocus. Since my husband is a teacher, we get to have a lot of family bonding / getting on everyone's nerves time...and this is what we like to do... 


We sign up for a community pool every year...and try to spend as much time in the water as possible.


I'm off to Vegas for the Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in July. (I'll be presenting on a panel for starting sellers.)  Then, as a family we're hoping to take a trip to Boston.


Yes...that's right, I've decided if I can't beat 'em, I better join 'em.  My boys love to golf and I'm determined to love it by the end of the summer, too!

Goof Off

Summer is all about letting loose and having some fun...

Celebrate the season

From parades to fireworks to baseball games...we're all about maximizing the season!

Create new instructional resources

I love writing curriculum, and the summer affords me even more time to do it.  I plan to work on new task cards for my Learning Take Out series...and a few more Reading Comprehension Skill Centers...

and most importantly...we'll be spending this summer trying to beat the heat.  We don't have air conditioning!

Thanks ELA Buffet and Desktop Learning Adventures for hosting the Summer Fun Linky!


  1. Love the goof off picture. Sounds like you are ready for a fabulous summer!

  2. I love that you're taking up golf! My boys (all five of them) are archers. I dragged my feet because I never had any desire to shoot a bow. About two years ago I joined the band and now we all shoot 3D targets together. I have had so much fun!!!

    Love your take out product!

  3. Looks like a fun-filled summer. Can't WAIT to meet you in Vegas!!

  4. I love your first picture with your kids on the last day of school! I'm also in awe that you can survive the summer without air conditioning - we'd melt into a puddle of sweat here without ours!

  5. Can't wait to meet up in Vegas!! See you there!

  6. I love your family shadow portrait and the golf cart. Are you sure you're not just the beverage girl? You look pretty comfy. :)

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