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Have you ever been stumped by what to do with those blank bulletin boards or empty classroom clotheslines at the start of a new school year?  I know I have been.  That's because my favorite way to decorate the classroom is with student work. the start of school, there is no student work to display...yet.  That's why I've taken to creating some simple ways to decorate the classroom.

One of my favorite ways to do just that is with inspirational quotes. 
 Take a look...

First I created simple inspirational posters.

Since I'm planning to hang them on a classroom clothesline, I gathered some supplies.

Then, I glued the quote pages to fun scrapbook paper.

Next I simply hung them up! Couldn't be easier!

I put together this little image for inspiration in case I want to ever put all the posters on one bulletin board. favorite part about this classroom decor is that it can also be used to get to know students a bit more.  That's right, I've paired a little writing prompt with the bulletin board or clothesline display.  It's perfect for the first day of school...imagine the writing worksheet waiting for students at their desks.  Or, it'd be fun to have as an extension activity during the first few days of school just in case a lesson gets off track or ends too soon.

If you'd like to add some simple inspirational quotes to your classroom decor, you can find everything you'll need for FREE right HERE.  The writing prompt is included, too.

Wishing you a great school year!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I will be sharing this out on my facebook page tonight!

  2. This is awesome! Thanks for sharing - I can't wait to use this writing activity with my students. :)

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