Classroom Sweet Classroom: Designing a Classroom that Feels Like Home

For many teachers, our classrooms are our home away from home. That's why I thought it would be fun to put together some classroom mood boards that are inspired by home decor styles. After all, what's the easiest way to make a classroom feel cozy and welcoming? Making it feel like home, of course!  I've put together a few inspirational mood boards for doing just that! Just imagine if your classroom could take on a mid-century modern vibe or a hip urban loft.  What about a boho chic classroom or a modern classroom?  Ever dream of a cottage themed classroom, well, I've got some ideas for that, too!

For the most part, each of the mood boards have common elements in them like a...

A classroom rug - No matter what age group of students you teach, a rug is one of the quickest ways to make your classroom more appealing.  Once the rug is in your classroom, you can use it for class meetings, read alouds, a comfy reading corner, a space for partners to work together...the options are endless!

Fun classroom chairs - I love the idea of including at least two chairs in the classroom.  In my own classroom, the special chairs were part of my homework incentive program.  Students worked all week long to complete their homework so that they could sit in the special chair.  But, chairs are also great for flexible seating options, spaces for partners or groups to work together, a "sharing" chair, and so much more!

Hanging decor - Whether it's a fun banner, paper lanterns, tissue paper poofs, or 3-D shapes, an inexpensive and fun way to decorate the classroom is with something that you can hang.  Imagine displaying your banner along a bulletin board or chalkboard.  Or, perhaps you can string the lights in front of your teacher desk.  The options are endless and the impact is huge.  Here's a tip: once you find the hanging decor you like, purchase several of them.  Having multiple sets will have more of an impact.

Quote Poster - There's nothing better than a little inspiration in the classroom.  So, each mood board includes a quote poster.  These are great to hang on your classroom door, at the front of the classroom, or even in the center of a bulletin board.  If you're up for it, I'd suggest getting the posters in the biggest size possible.  The bigger the poster, the more classroom real estate it will take up, and the quicker your classroom will be designed.

A lamp - If you're looking to change the feel of your classroom, a lamp will do it!  Whether it's a floor lamp that you can place on your rug with the chairs or a table lamp that you can set out on your desk, there's just something so cozy about lamps!  If you'd like, you can even purchase a couple of lamps to spread out around the classroom.  Then, you can make it a habit to turn off those florescent overhead lights...what a difference!

Storage baskets - What's a classroom without storage, right?  Well, if you're thinking of getting storage containers, I've included a few inspiration pieces on each design board.  

Fun design elements - You'll find unique elements on each design board, too.  Those have been added to provide even more fun ideas to tie in your classroom theme.

About the classroom decor items:
The items that I've placed on the mood boards are selected with a teacher's budget in mind.  That means that I really tried my best to ensure that no single item was more than $50.  Oh, and since they're sourced from Amazon, there's a chance that you'll be able to put some of the elements on a school purchase order.  Of course, the mood boards are mainly intended for inspiration.  However, if you do want to learn more about each of the items, just click the links provided.

Alright, are you ready to make your classroom feel like home? Then, check out the classroom design mood boards.  If you'd like to learn more about any of the items, just click on the links below the mood boards.

And...check this out!  If you'd like to easily add some modern design to your classroom, you can do so with this classroom decor set!
Decor pack for middle school classrooms!

It's got everything you need to create a contemporary and cool classroom!

Striped Chairs (these are a little pricey, so one might be enough) /// Burlap Banner /// Quote Poster /// This is My Happy Place Sign ///  Jute Rug /// Blue Desk Accessories /// Desk Lamp /// Storage Bins (6)

I hope you're feeling inspired and ready to make your classroom feel like home!  If you'd love more ideas for classroom decor and design, be sure to sign up for the FREE 30-Day "Get Your Year in Gear" teacher-challenge that Rachael from the Classroom Nook and I have put together for teachers like you.  It's absolutely FREE!  

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Mary Beth

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