Round Up of My Favorite End of the Year Lessons & Activities

Check out this collection of activities for the end of the school year. You'll find free lessons for the end of the year and tons of ideas for ending the school year with a bang!

Before you know it, it'll be time to say goodbye to your students as they head off into summer. With the last day of school rapidly approaching, I thought I'd share my favorite ways to make the most of the end of the school year. (I've also filled this post with some exclusive freebies! So exciting!)

Here's a quick listing of the ideas I'm going to share today:

➧ Unit to teach:  Roller Coaster Persuasive Writing Unit
➧ Gifts for students:  Motivational Gifts for Students
➧ Whole-class review:  Grammar Escape Rooms (with a twist)
➧ Doodle reflection:  End of the Year Doodle Suitcase or Locker
➧ Freebie: Accordion Book Reflection
➧ Summer reading project (and FREEBIE): Summer Reading Project
➧ Free plan books: May and June
➧ Summer school lessons: Resources for Summer School
➧ Free Teacher Challenge: FREE 30-Day Challenge

End of the Year Unit to Teach: Persuasive Writing Unit

This is a super fun and engaging end of the year writing unit. Students design roller coasters and then write persuasive ads for their coasters. So fun!

This is my FAVORITE end-of-the-year writing unit! During the ten-day unit, students design a roller coaster (after learning about their history and vocabulary). Then, they design their own roller coaster. Finally, students write persuasive advertisements for their coasters. I promise, your students will LOVE this motivating unit!

End of the Year Gifts for Students
Check out this collection of easy to make end of the year gifts for students!

If you're looking for some ready-made gifts for students, check out this set of 3 simple and inspiring gifts for students. There are motivational posters, inspirational quote cards, and personalized note pockets. Each is designed to be easy to create and wonderful to keep. You can give every student all 3 gifts or make one set of the gifts for your entire class!

Whole Class Review: Grammar Art Escapes

These escape rooms that I created with Art with Jenny K. are so much fun! They are the perfect way to keep students learning and engaged during the last days of school!  Students work together to recover a stolen masterpiece while reviewing critical grammar skills. There are 3 different escape rooms to choose from - Mona Lisa, The Frame, or Starry Night. Or, save with the bundle. Great news! We've put together an EXCLUSIVE FREE SET OF MASTERPIECE COLORING PAGES for you!

End of the Year Doodle Reflection

This end of the year activity is all about reflection and fun! Students will be creating a doodle locker or suitcase filled with memories and lessons from their school year.

Here's an end of the year reflection that your students will love! First, they complete a guided reflection about the school year. Then, they fill a doodle suitcase or doodle locker with their memories. The end result is a meaningful and interactive year in review! 
This end of the year activity is all about reflection and fun! Students will be creating a doodle locker filled with memories and lessons from their school year.

Find the suitcase here and the locker here.

Summer Reading Projects

Help students enhance and retain their reading skills this summer with this super engaging summer reading project! In it, students will read a book and complete a creative and engaging file folder reading project to demonstrate their understanding of the book they read.
Keep students reading and learning all summer long with print-and-go summer reading projects. In the File Folder Summer Reading project students record all their learning in a single manila folder. It's a hit with students and teachers. Or, you might want to check out this summer reading project where students create a newspaper about their book.

AND...if you'd like to send students home with a reading tracker to log their reading over the summer, I've created a FREE one just for you! 
Help students track their reading with this free and interactive reading tracker!
You can download the free reading tracker and log here.

Free End of the Year Activity

Looking for a hands-on and fun end-of-the-year activity? Well, look no further! This end of the year lesson will not only help students practice the critical skill of reflecting, they’ll also create an interactive accordion book to showcase their thoughts and ideas.

Here's a freebie that is perfect for the end of the year. First, students complete a reflection. They'll consider highlights, challenges, lessons, and even look to the future. Then, they can put together a fun accordion book. This is a great activity for the last days of school!

Free Virtual Plan Books

Check out this collection of free lessons virtual plan books for every month of the year!

If you love collecting teaching ideas and tips, then be sure to check out the virtual plan books in my shop. They're FREE! Each is filled with tips, tricks, and even a quote poster! 

Here are two that you might need as the year draws to an end:

Summer School Resources

Teaching summer school? No problem! I've got summer school lesson plans for the first days of summer school. There's units for teaching ELA in summer school, too!

Have you signed up to teach summer school? If so, I've got a few lifesavers for you!

➧ First Day of Summer School
➧ Summer Poetry Analysis
➧ Summer Reading Project
➧ 6 Week Summer School Curriculum

I hope you've found a few resources to teach during the remaining days of the school year!

Here's a round-up of the links again:
➧ Gifts for students:  Motivational Gifts for Students
➧ Whole-class review:  Grammar Escape Rooms (with a twist)
➧ Doodle reflection:  End of the Year Doodle Suitcase or Locker
➧ Summer reading project (and FREEBIE): Summer Reading Project
➧ Free plan books: May and June
➧ Summer school lessons: Resources for Summer School
➧ Free Teacher Challenge: FREE 30-Day Challenge

Thanks so much for stopping by!
Mary Beth

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