Positive Affirmations for Teachers - Promoting a Positive Mindset


Let's face it...being an educator is challenging. Teachers often have the weight of the world on their shoulders. So, simple coping strategies are essential for promoting a positive mindset about teaching. One way to reduce stress, promote happiness, and reset one's thoughts is with positive affirmations. Reciting positive affirmations is an easy tool for teachers.

Affirmations are positive statements that help you overcome stressful and negative thoughts. They are brief phrases, repeated frequently. When affirmations are repeated often, one’s outlook and thinking patterns begin to change. Positive mental repetitions reprogram our thinking patterns, so that we begin to think and feel differently.

Affirmations have been shown to boost problem-solving abilities and reduce health-deteriorating stress. In addition, they can stimulate the parts of our brains that make us more likely to make positive changes. Affirmations are a simple way to lower stress and promote positivity.

The idea is to pick a phrase and repeat it to yourself. When you repeat the phrase three to five times a day, the positive belief is reinforced.

Here some to try...
--- I can do hard things.
--- My job is important and meaningful.
--- I adore my students.
--- I am building a kind and productive classroom.

I like the idea of keeping positive affirmation cards right on my teacher desk. When I see the affirmation phrase, it's easier to remember to recite it. It's a simple way to reset my thinking throughout the day. Since I'm a fan of posting the affirmations right in front of me, I made a FREE set of 30 affirmation cards for you.  They're designed to stand up all on their own.

Click the link below and they'll arrive in your inbox. I've even included a few blank cards that you can customize.

The positive affirmation cards are designed to be versatile. You might… 
--- Place them on your desk to reference throughout the day. 
--- Gift them to your colleagues. 
--- Add them to your lesson plan book as a daily reminder. 
--- Choose your favorites and make larger posters. 
--- Select a new affirmation at the beginning of each school day or week. 
--- Write your own affirmations on the blank cards that are provided.

I hope you've found some affirmations that bring some positivity to your days in the classroom. I so appreciate you!

Thanks for stopping by!
Mary Beth

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