Out of the Deep Freeze

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Unfortunately, winter colds, stuffy noses, achy bodies, and fevers are headed to a classroom near you...that's why I'm pulling this resource out of the deep freeze.  It's my Substitute Teacher Toolkit Resource, and I've filled it with everything a teacher (like you) might need to set up your students AND the substitute for success in your absence. 

The materials in the resource are meant to be assembled in a 3-ring binder (of course, other systems will totally work).  Included in each section of the resource is detailed information for the classroom teacher on how to prepare the toolkit.  Then, there's all the goodies to include in the binder for the substitute teacher...

Background Information
This section provides the substitute with all the classroom, student and school information he/she will need to have a safe and productive day.  It includes a welcome letter, about the class, emergency procedures, classroom procedures, important places, and a feedback report.

Classroom Management
Since good classroom management is at the core of a great lesson, the Substitute Toolkit includes several classroom management activities that the substitute can easily implement while teaching your classes.  With a bit of set up, you can fill the classroom management section of the toolkit with a classroom attendance tracker, student name tags, homework passes, positive behavior tracking cards, and 8 prize cards.

Lesson Extensions
Even when teachers leave great lesson plans for a sub, there's a chance the lesson will end early. That's why there are 3 different lesson extenders in the Substitute Toolkit.  These include a marooned writing prompt, a chore writing prompt, and several lesson extender games/activities.

We all know that teaching is one of the few professions where it is more difficult to be out of work than it is to just show up to work.  I hope this resource makes it a little easier on you...I mean, come on, the flu is bad enough!

You can find everything you need to set up your own Substitute Teacher Toolkit here:

Or, this resource has everything for the Sub Toolkit AND 3 DAYS of Emergency Substitute Plans:


  1. This is a great tool for every teacher!

  2. This is a great idea! I can see every teacher making use of your Substitute Teacher Toolkit!

  3. What a lifesaver for teachers AND substitutes! This is going on my list of gift-ideas for teachers . . . every teacher I know would LOVE a fun binder and your Substitute Teacher Toolkit to fill it!

  4. Forwarding your Substitute Teacher Toolkit onto my friends! Great to have on hand!

    Michele Luck
    A Lesson Plan for Teachers

  5. Perfect timing with a product like this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Every September, teachers have to create a Substitute Teacher folder with all of their pertinent class information. The requirements were so cut and dry...and boring. This is welcoming , informative and must be a real stress-reliever for subs.

    Happy Teaching,


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