True Confessions of a TpT Teacher-Author - Ellen Weber

The True Confessions Series continues with one of my favorite TpT teacher-authors, Ellen Weber.  I've been fortunate enough to collaborate with her and meet her in person.  She's kind, creative, and inspiring.  If you don't already know and love what she's up to on TpT, then you've got to meet...

Keep reading to learn even more about Ellen...

I started my TpT store...
because senior high and college faculty were constantly telling me that there were too few tools available to foster ACTIVE learning for older students.  And because teens agree that PLAY is often the highest form of LEARNING.  

I named my store Ellen Weber - Brain Based Tasks for Upper Grades because...
I've spent 35+ years tipping scales to stop older brains from stalling and learning from brilliant innovators in higher grades.

My store is filled with...
fun whole brain tasks that add adventure to learning.  Tasks that woo students into teacher roles at times - and woo faculty into learner roles at times.

My favorite part about creating resources is...
the delight of sharing them with fellow faculty - and the sheer pleasure of working with creative masters like you, Mary Beth, who make a difference other there and who teach me daily how to do the same.  (Editor's note:  Awww...thanks Ellen!)

Where in the world do you live now?  Have you ever lived anywhere else?  If so, where?
I like to literally live in the countries where I work - so that I can integrate my Mita approach with local approaches.  When I taught for McGill University, I lived in the High Arctic (northern tip of Baffin Island).  Two years of no light in winter, no trees, no cars, climate dips of 80 degrees below zero, and the Inuktitut language.  Loved the Inuit people.  Laughed and learned more from them than I taught them!

After someone meets you, what do you hope they say about you once you leave the room?
"She's funny, loves people, and stays curious enough to play with her toddler grandchildren."

If you had a day completely free of obligations, what would you do?
Golf and then share dinner and wine in the clubhouse with a good friend!  Hand me such a day...

Describe the worst haircut or outfit of your life.
Before the arctic trip I bought boots with big spaces for air that left my already big feet planting Sasquatch-like prints in never before trodden arctic snow.

If you had to enter a talent contest, what talent would you showcase?
Crazy as it sounds, my ability to draw out and celebrate hidden and unused talents from any audience.

Name two things on your bucket list.
1. Travel to Australia and New Zealand (Had to cancel an invite to do brain-based work there once and sadly the invite never returned.)
2.  Create 3-D versions of my Namungo (original elf-like creatures that illustrate cool brain parts learners care about)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be far better at instigating original games that expand minds - help people laugh more and delight the players.

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Most Likely to Save a Teacher's Day
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Best Couple
Brain Culture One Game or Active Task at a Time + Back to School Toolkit

That's it from Ellen today!  I hope you got a glimpse of her happy, curious spirit.  She's doing amazing, original work...go check it all out here.

P.S.  If you're a TpT teacher-author and you're ready to share your true confessions email me at


  1. I had to laugh when Ellen talked about her Arctic boots being long and creating extra big footprints in the snow.

    Mary Beth, your new blog is unique and I like your focus on learning more about others. Excellent work.

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  3. Dear WM Namungo and Sero Namungo - Oops - I mean Robyn and Mary Beth. Thanks for allowing me the fun and delight of hanging out with (and learning from) human Namungos at their brainy best. Ellen

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  5. Ellen, I'm fascinated by the work you do and I adore how you apply it to resources for secondary teachers! I'm on my way to download your free resource now . . . thank you!

    Mary Beth -- I really look forward to your blog posts! They never disappoint! I loved learning more about Ellen and her resources!

    Literary Sherri

  6. Sherri and Mary Beth - how did New York get so lucky to claim you two. I continue to learn SO MUCH from you both! You make learning and teaching into adventures we all crave! Thanks for the way you inspire the rest of us! Best, Ellen


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