Valentine's Day Gift for Teachers

I love sending my boys into school with a Valentine's Day gift for their teachers.  I try not to go super elaborate or super expensive (because between the two of them there are 5 teachers).  Instead, each year I try to put together something simple and sweet for their teachers...just a little token of love as a thanks for all they do.

Here's what I'm up to this year.  

First, I gathered some supplies - bags, ribbon, cute heart dishes, and chocolates.
Then, I recruited my little guy to do the heavy lifting.
We wrapped each candy-filled dish in tissue and stuck it in the bag.

Next, he punched two holes in the top of the bag.

Finally, we added a ribbon and teacher-themed valentine tag and we were done.

Oh, and we wrapped a few with clear wrapping paper just to switch things up.

The entire process was super easy.  I hope the boys' teachers like their valentines.  I'm thinking that they'll be able to reuse the heart dishes for paper clips, or thumbtacks, or all the confiscated little toys that they have to collect.  I also hope that this small gift helps them to know that we appreciate them in a big way!

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  2. I am not able to download those valentine images and pictures. Can you please tell me how can I download?
    Thanks and happy Valentines day.

    1. Hi Jyoti! You can find a free set of Valentine's Day tags HERE:


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