Free eBooks for Middle and High School Teachers!

I'm so excited to be working with Literary Sherri, Getting Nerdy with Mel and Gerdy, Lindsay Perro, and Room 213 to bring you the latest FREE secondary eBooks.  There are 4 eBooks in all and let me tell you, they're amazing.  Not only will you get to learn about what the awesome middle and high school teacher-authors on TpT can't live without - seriously, you'll be cracking up at everyone's responses - but you'll also get 30 free printable teaching resources in each eBook.  That means that if you download each eBook, you'll have access to 120 print-and-teach resources!  

The eBooks are categorized for ELA, Math, Science, and Humanities (Social Studies, Foreign Language, Arts, and even more ELA).  Take a look:

Oh, and if you missed the first series of eBooks, you can find them here:

Thanks to all the secondary sellers who contributed to the eBooks!

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