School Supply Themed Valentines

Thanks so much Lauralee Moss, Brynn Allison, and Julie Faulkner for hosting this fun "Feeling the Love" blog hop!

Love is in the air, er...classroom...and I'm sharing my favorite school-themed valentine gift ideas for students.

Whether they admit it or not, middle school students not only know when Valentine's Day is, they also kind of long for the days of the in-class celebrations and valentine exchanges like in their elementary classrooms.  Since we're usually knee-deep in a unit, I generally skip the party, but I don't skip the valentines - at least giving some valentines to my students.  My favorite part is when I announce that I've made some valentines for them, and they get all excited, and visions of sweets and candy dance around in their heads, and then I hand each of them one of these...

So mean, right?  But as a teacher, how could I hand out anything else?  And besides...they're all in need of a new pencil by February each year anyway.  Usually I hand out pencil valentines... 

but there are so many other fun options...





They're all easy to make, festive, and super useful in the classroom. Sometimes I even cave and give them all a sweet treat, too.  

If you'd like to hand out some school-themed valentines to your students, you can find the valentine tags all here for FREE.

Wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Those creations are adorable. Students do need new pencils, lol!

  2. Your Valentines are so clever. These gifts will last much longer than candy, and will fatten their brains and not their bodies- a great option.

    Happy Teaching,
    Connie Casserly

  3. These gift tags are super smart! What a great idea, and they are so cute, too! Thanks for hopping along with us!


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