Classroom Decor - Word-of-the-Day Display

Did you know that my husband is a teacher, too?  We met in our student teaching days back in college.  It's been interesting having similar careers.  The best part is having someone who truly understands the job.  The second best part is having someone to bounce ideas off of for the classroom.  That's what happened when he came home one day and said, "I need a way to display the math words-of-the-day in my classroom."  He didn't have a bulletin board to spare, the front board needed to stay free, and the Fire Marshall nixed all clotheslines.  

So, off to Home Depot we went in search of a display solution.  After roaming many aisles, we ended up in the concrete section of the store.  And we saw this...

It's the steel reinforcement for concrete.  It was light, big, and we figured he could hang a word in each section.  So, after picking up some red spray paint (to make it a little more fun and less rusty), we headed home to get it ready for the classroom.

Step 1:  Sand off the rust.

Ste 2:  Spray paint the grid.

Step 3:  Get your children to help you paint some clothespins fun colors.

Step 4:  Hang It.

Step 5:  Use It.

It's a great, easy solution for an age-old classroom display problem. Thank goodness for Home Depot and concrete sidewalks!

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  1. This is amazing! The step-by-step photos make me think even I could do this! Thank you for sharing! :)

    Literary Sherri
    Literary Sherri


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