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I'm starting a new series of blog posts on Brain Waves Instruction.  It's going to be a profile of TpT Teacher-Authors.  To be honest, I'm doing it for a completely selfish reason.  You see, there are SO many amazing teacher-authors on TpT that I'm slightly obsessed with.  I figured the best way to learn more about them is to ask them questions...and if I'm curious about each seller and their answers, perhaps you are, too.

This week, I'm putting myself in the 'True Confessions' hot seat!

First, of all, let me officially introduce myself...

OK, now let's get started...

I'll get the confessions going by completing each of the following sentences...

I started my TpT store...
at the beginning of 2014.  It was my New Year's Resolution!  

I named my store Brain Waves Instruction because...
I loved the idea of creating resources that would activate brain waves in other teachers' classrooms.

My store is filled with...
ELA resources for upper elementary and middle school classrooms.

My favorite part about creating resources is...
hearing from teachers who have implemented them in their classrooms.  I still can't believe that some teacher in some school somewhere on the planet is teaching using something I created.  Go ahead and pinch me!

In terms of TpT, I'll never forget when...
I made my first sale!  It's the very best $.85 I ever made!

Where in the world do you live now?  Have you ever lived anywhere else?  If so, where?
I'm writing to you from Rochester, New York.  I've spent the majority of my life here, but I've also lived in Ohio, Texas, New Hampshire, Maine, and spots around the Southeast during my year in AmeriCorps.  

Autumn is my favorite season in Rochester!

After someone meets you, what do you hope they say about you once you leave the room?
"She's so full of energy and life!"

Jumping for joy in NYC!

If you had a day completely free of obligations, what would you do?
Sleep in, drink coffee on the deck, read a book, take a walk with the family, lay in a hammock...this is sounding super lazy, huh? a yummy dinner with a glass of wine.

Describe the worst haircut or outfit of your life.
This one is super easy!  I have crazy, curly hair, so there have been many bad haircuts.  However, one time I tried to get highlights put into my hair and the hairdresser left the dye in too long and the next thing I knew, each highlighted hair turned gray.  Yes, gray!  All the pigment had been stripped out of my hair.  Not a pretty look!

If you had to enter a talent contest, what talent would you showcase?
It's definitely NOT singing or about sewing headbands?  I do know how to make a headband that'll stay put!

Name two things on your bucket list.
1. See the Grand Canyon 
2.  Be my own boss

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A happy, loving, inspired lady!

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Most Awesome Freebie

Most Likely to Save a Teacher's Day

Best Couple
Short Answer Test Prep and Multiple Choice Test Prep - Perfect Together!

That's all of my confessions for today...I can't wait until other teacher-authors spill the beans!

Stay Tuned!

P.S.  If you're a TpT teacher-author and you're ready to share your true confessions email me at


  1. 1 - I adore the photo of you in NYC!
    2 - True story: I can't live without headbands from Betty Lou Designs! I have a dozen of them and can't wait to buy more!
    3 - I loved getting to know more about you and I look forward to getting to know other TpT sellers in future installments!

  2. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I like to learn what's behind the creative ideas that TpT offers!


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