Blog Series: 10 Things to Do This Summer to Make Next Year EASIER!

If you’re like me (hint: Type A), you love a good list. I mean, really – is there anything more satisfying than crossing things off a list?

During the school year, I keep multiple lists going: one for home, one related to classroom business, another to instruction, etc. Let’s just say Post-It notes are my friends.

Come summer, my lists are decidedly fewer, but no less ambitious. I’m the girl who dreams of reorganizing cabinets and alphabetizing files. My goals have not always been realistic (like that time I planned to color code all my binders), or affordable (binders are expensive!); but they have helped me get through many a summer with a feeling of accomplishment. Because as tempting as it is to loll about and revel in the absence of school bells, I know I’ll be anything but relaxed when September rolls around and I’ve got nothing to show for my time off.

Over the years, I’ve made a careful study of the things most in need of getting accomplished over the summer (hint: not color coding). Now, I’m excited to share it with you, with my series “10 Things To Do This Summer To Make Next Year Easier.”

Throughout the next several weeks, I’ll be posting an idea that’s sure to inspire you.

If you can do everything on this list, I guarantee you’ll feel productive and prepared for the coming school year.

So get your pens ready – you’ve got some crossing off to do! 

Stay Tuned!
Mary Beth

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