End the School Year with Gifts for Students

It’s so close, we can almost taste it: Summer! We all look forward to it, of course. But the end of the school year can also bring on feelings of wistfulness for the students we’re sending on – which makes it the perfect time to reflect and say thanks to them with a token of your appreciation.

Check out 8 easy, fun, and even inspirational gift ideas for your giving to your students:

Inspirational Quote Cards

Here's a set of 24 unique,business-sized cards with memorable, inspiring words. Kids can keep them in their wallets, or with a magnet, on their lockers or refrigerators. 

Stationery and a Pen
Jennifer at the Simply Kinder blog gives her kindergarten students a baggie containing a pen, paper and envelopes, including one that’s stamped and already addressed to her at home. The idea behind this gift, which she explains with a cute, rhyming poem, is to help the kids practice writing throughout the summer.

Say It With Symbols
Kaylin at Sharpened Pencils & Post-It Notes came up with this simple idea: On a baggie with Smarties, Fun Dip and a bouncy ball, she leaves a note for her students telling them how “smart” they are, how much “fun” it was working with them, and to have a “ball” over the summer. Short, sweet and simple!

You can use the same idea with a beach ball or a Frisbee (“This year flew by!”).

Motivational Posters

Check out these five posters with tear-off messages that students can post wherever they’re most likely to see them. When they’re in need of a boost, all they have to do is tear off the message and tuck it someplace where they can refer to it throughout the day. 

Leave Them With School Supplies
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Here's an idea from Office Max.  Gather some useful school supplies that students can use over the summer to continue their learning.  Then, print off the ready-made tags with cute sayings like "Stay sharp this summer." Tie the tags to the coordinating school supply and you're all set!

Get the Sugar Rush Started
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Encourage your kids to “stay sweet” with a freebie message from Teachspiration. Sign your name and wrap it around a candy bar. Or tell them what a “star” they are, with the help of some Starburst candies.

Acrostic Poems
Your students have probably adorned many a Mother’s Day card with these:

M- magnificent
O- outstanding
M- magical

Now it’s their turn to receive a poem from you. Come up with a nice adjective for each letter of your students’ names and make a handwritten (or typed) memento to attach to a pencil.

Personalized Note Pockets

Write a personalized note to your students (there are two sizes to choose from, depending on the length of your message) and wrap it up in a fun pocket envelope. Nothing says “I care” more than a personal message from your teacher!

There you have it...8 simple ways to give a gift to your students at the end of the year.  I hope you find one that works great for your group of kids.

Wishing you a great end of the school year!

Mary Beth

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