Preventing the Summer Slide

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of summer. Time to rest, relax and recharge! Just not too much…

It’s tempting, for students and teachers alike, to succumb to summer brain. Students, especially, are at real risk of losing precious ground when school’s out.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, students lose about two months of grade level equivalency in math computation skills over the summer months! Low-income students lose more than two months in reading achievement, while their middle-class peers make only slight gains.

All that brain drain has a significant, lasting effect on students’ ability to achieve. And then there’s the strain it puts on you, who just spent the last ten months shoring up students’ skills, only to have that impact blunted by the directionless days of summer. We all know, too, how it feels to be met in September with students who seem woefully behind.

To help you prevent the summer slide, I have a few ideas that just might do the trick!

  Brain Waves Instruction B...  Click to Add More Boards! You may have already pinned from this page on 1 of your selected boards.  Click for more details Looking for ways to help students maintain and even grow their learning from their school year? Then, you're going to love this post filled with fun ways to prevent the summer slide. You'll find information about a creative summer reading project and a listing of other ways to put a stop to the summer slide!

One of my favorites is with this Summer Reading Project

Keep students reading and learning all summer long with this creative summer reading project!

For this, students read a book and complete a book report with a plot diagram, character chart, setting profile, theme analysis, personal review and a listing of other books by the same author. All of it goes in a manila folder students can decorate. 

Help students dig deep into their summer reading book with this fun and engaging summer reading project!

After editing, revising and gluing it all together, the final product is a fun, interactive and comprehensive case file that students (and their teachers) will be proud of.

What's not to love about these fun summer reading projects?  Students read a self-selected book and then get busy showcasing their understanding of their reading.  The final product is a file folder filled with their learning.  It's the perfect way to spend a summer and begin a new school year!

Gotta love this print-and-go resource for a fun and engaging summer reading project!

Looking for more ideas to prevent the summer slide?

> Compile a list of writing prompts, perhaps on postcards stamped and pre-addressed to you, to encourage students to keep their inner scribe sharp all summer long.

> Create a summer reading challenge, or direct your students to their local libraries, many of which have creative versions of these that include game boards and prizes.

> Set up a monitored Book Club Blog on your classroom website, where you and your students can meet virtually to discuss a juicy summer read.

> Come up with a fun research idea on a topic voted on by students. It can be anything random (a friend once did this for fun with other adults and learned more than you’d imagine about crows!).

> Make a simple bookmark where kids can record how many pages they’ve read (and perhaps a place where parents can sign and verify the totals). Copy it onto cardstock and entice students to stop in and see you next fall to show off their completed bookmarks – and maybe pick up a reward for their efforts.

> Take a few moments to search the App Store for grade-level appropriate student skill apps. Rare is the kiddo who doesn’t love to learn with technology. If they have access to a computer or iPad, this can be a great way to keep your students engaged!

So let summer begin… but put a stop to the summer slide. As the saying goes, you gotta use it or lose it!

Thanks for stopping by,
Mary Beth

P.S. Check back throughout the month of June for tips on how YOU can stay fresh this summer, and be ultra prepared come fall! 

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