Tip #3 for Making Your Next School Year Easier

It’s summer. By now, you’ve been to the library or filled your Kindle with all sorts of juicy, vacuous beach reads. You may be ready for something a little more... meaty.

Number 3 on the 10 Things To Do This Summer To Make Next Year Easier: Read something that builds your teaching knowledge and 

It’s not uncommon for teachers to fall into a rut: We find a formula that works, and we stick to it. The problem? We may get bored. Or, our teaching may not be reflective of the latest research and trends.

If your school district has a Teacher Center or professional development coordinator, this can be a great place to start to look for resources. You can also peruse your local Barnes & Noble, library or even your colleagues’ classroom shelves. That’s where I found some of my favorites, including Kelly Gallagher’sReadacide and Nancy Atwell’s In the Middle.

Be sure to check out TED-Ed, a branch of the famous TED Talk organization; it offers videos sure to help you find a fresh take on your teaching practice. Other sources for inspiration include websites like Pinterest and Edutopia. An Edutopia-recommended reading list for teachers can be found HERE.

In the summer I like to take my professional development outside.  Here's my favorite backyard spot to read and learn during the summer months...

Be sure to check back soon for Part 4 of 10 Things To Do This Summer To Make Next Year Easier.

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  1. coming back to school is always a struggle especially when you enter higher forms cause it rqquires writing academic article, research papers and many other things


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