Tip #9 For Making Your Next School Year Easier

Welcome to Day 9 of 10 Things To Do This Summer To Make Next Year Easier!

As a parent and educator, I can attest to the many benefits of early, frequent communication. Even if you don’t yet know who will be in your class, you can start drafting a letter to parents now. Post it on your classroom website, mail it home, or hold onto to it until Curriculum Night.  You see where I'm going here, right?  Tip #9 for making your next school year easier is to

This is the perfect opportunity to create a positive first – and lasting – impression on parents. Who doesn’t want to be in the know about the teachers who will be spending so much time with their children?

I like to start off with a positive tone and some words about how excited I am to have their kids in my classroom. Other elements to consider including:
 ---  your philosophy about parent involvement
---  your personal and educational background
 ---  how often and through what means you tend to communicate with families
 ---  how to reach you
---  a copy of your classroom rules and any personal promises you like to make (see teacher Sandra Looper’s Pledge to Parents for inspiration). 

 You’ll find a letter to parents in my Back To School Toolkit, which includes loads of other helpful templates and documents to help you with management, communication and first-week activities.

I also created an editable template for a Parent News flyer that you can send or share with parents for blog readers (that's you!).  
Engaging letter to parents for back to school.

Or, create one of your own! Check back soon for the last installment of 10 Things To Do This Summer To Make Next Year Easier. 

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Mary Beth

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