Tip #7 for Making Your Next School Year Easier

As you may know, curriculum is not my only gig. I also get to engage my creative side through my home staging side business. Just as furniture placement is key in selling a home, figuring out just where things should go in a classroom is pretty important, too. Good classroom flow means students know just where to put their materials, and themselves, in an orderly, efficient manner – saving you buckets of teaching and clean-up time.

Also essential, in both my lines of work, is the creation of a warm, welcoming environment. This can be achieved in plenty of simple, budget-friendly ways. Summer is the perfect time to transform your classroom and 
A great way to spend a summer Saturday is to check Craigslist and scour garage sales to find inexpensive organizational systems, and use your imagination to figure out ways to repurpose household items. Know of someone who’s retiring? See if you can inherit any of the supplies that teacher no longer needs. He or she may feel better knowing it’s going to a good home – and not cluttering the basement.

Check out these two fun classroom decor ideas...

Here's an old row boat turned into a cozy reading nook.
Image Source

And check out how electrical spools can transform into seats.

Image Source 
If your time and budget allows this summer, you can craft any number of items to beautify your classroom, or take advantage of the sales for college-bound students. That’s a great time to grab plastic totes, filing systems and baskets.

My favorite classroom decoration is student work. But you’ll need something else on your walls until you have a ready supply of that. I’ve come up with a quick and easy solution, with my inspirational posters and writing prompt activity. 

I'll be back soon with another tip to make your next school year easier.  Until then, thanks for stopping by!

Mary Beth

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